typographic stickers

On Stories, we found that people most often want a sticker to depict text that says exactly what they want to get across. By partnering with Research, Data, & best in class typographers, we came up with a set of 60 typographic stickers for FB Stories. 

Identifying Use Cases

Using research, data, & content strategy, we came up with a list of the most popular content territories that people share on FB Stories. 

For example: food

Typographer Partnership

I chose a group of typographers that would help fill some aesthetic gaps in our product, and briefed them on the strategic territories identified by research. 

Example Above: Here's some stickers we came up with based on the use case of food.  


The result was a group of 60 stickers created specifically out of user needs, designed to help people better tell their stories on FB.

Typography BTS


Carmi Grau, typographer

Sean Tulgetske, typographer

Brian Kaspr, typographer 

The Final Package of Stickers